How to use the Triply Natural Cooking frying pan, without non-stick coating


Triply Natural Cooking is a pan without a non-stick coating made of three-layer material: 18/10 stainless steel on the upper side + aluminium inside + 18% stainless steel on the lower side.

The stainless steel provides strength and robustness while the aluminium provides rapid and homogeneous heat conductivity.


As it does not have a non-stick coating, it requires a different way of use and care to conventional frying pans.

The best way to learn how to use it is through experience.


The importance of temperature control

The trick is to learn to control the temperature according to the food you want to cook.

To make good use of it, it must be preheated above a medium temperature, but without overheating it.

To find out if the pan is hot enough, we can pour a few drops of water into it the first few times. If these drops evaporate, continue heating the pan until the water droplets remain consistent and float on the surface.

At this point, it is time to remove the pan from the heat and add a little oil and spread it over the entire surface. Keep the pan off the heat for a couple of minutes to reduce the temperature a little and then add the food to be cooked, placing the pan on the heat at a medium temperature.

Do not let it get too hot. It should be removed from the heat and reintroduced to find the right heat point.

You will soon stop using the trick with the drops of water. By bringing the palm of your hand close to the pan, you will know what temperature it is at.

It is also interesting to know that food at room temperature sticks less to the surface of the pan, so it is better to take it out of the fridge beforehand.


Depending on the food we want to cook, it may even be in our interest that it sticks to the pan. At higher temperatures, with the TRIPLY NATURAL PAN, you can sear the meat on both sides, keeping it less cooked on the inside. We can also achieve a rich sauce by emulsifying the layer of food and fat adhering to the pan with water or stock with a scraper.

This is something that cannot be achieved with non-stick frying pans.



To clean the frying pan, it may be sufficient to wash it with kitchen paper, if no food has adhered to it. This will maintain the natural non-stick properties for the next use.

If there are food residues stuck to the pan, it is better to wash it when it is still very hot by adding water, and then rub it with a wire scouring pad without fear of damaging it.


On the internet you can find a lot of information about the use and care of stainless steel frying pan without a non-stick coating through videos and recipes.

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