Care when Handling the Coffee Maker


From IBILI kitchenware we would like to warn you about the handling of our coffee machines. We would like to inform you that the handles of our coffee machines are primarily designed for safe and comfortable handling, but they are not opening points!

Unscrewing the brewer from the handle may put undue pressure on this part, which could result in the loss of the handle’s functionality.

The handles are not designed to withstand the opening force. There is a risk that the handle may come loose or even break, rendering the machine unusable.

What is the correct way to open the coffee machine?

✅The top of the brewer, not the handle, is where it should be unscrewed to open and load the coffee. This is the area designed to withstand the opening action without compromising the integrity of the brewer.

✅When opening the brewer, we recommend holding the brewer by the top and turning it carefully. This will ensure a long service life for your coffee maker and continued enjoyment of delicious cups of coffee.

In addition, to ensure that you get the most enjoyment from your Italian domestic coffee maker, we recommend the following:

Unlike catering coffee machines, our domestic coffee machines are uniquely designed. It is crucial to understand the difference, especially in the coffee loading process.

✅It is not necessary to press the coffee in the funnel before placing it in the brewer. Unlike in catering coffee machines, over-pressing the coffee can make it difficult for the water to pass through the coffee, generating too much pressure and deforming the filter.

✅For best results, simply pour the coffee over the funnel and place it directly into the brewer. Avoiding excess pressure will ensure that the water can flow naturally, giving you a perfectly balanced cup of coffee.

Treat your coffee maker with care. Avoid exerting excessive force when pressing and remember that gentleness in the process will contribute to the durability of your coffee maker.

In addition, we always recommend washing coffee machines by hand to ensure that they last as long as possible.

Experiment with different grinds and blends to find your perfect blend!

Enjoy every sip.

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