Our History

We've been manufacturing and distributing kitchenware since 1942. Over the years, we've learned that new times call for new ideas and that the culture of innovation is best suited to adapting to markets and rising needs. Innovation has been our companion all along and it's made IBILI a high confidence brand committed to the quality of their products and the services they provide for their customers.

1942 - 1960
It all started in a humble 200 m2 space in Bergara, Guipuzkoa. We used our own hands and the scarce resources available at the time when we started manufacturing metal products, like bottles, bed warmers, wash basins and pitchers and camping dishes. Back then, those items were loved by mountaineers and they helped people get through the hard days of winter in some homes. We thus became eager to increase manufacturing to meet demands that were arising on the whole continent after World War II. We wanted to participate in the recovery in both a human and economic way. We started manufacturing frying pans, pots and pans in 1956. And, in 1960, we finally found the resolve to start with washing and drying machines. It was quite the experience.
1960 - 1980
It's time to hit the road and cross the horizon. We were gaining confidence and security, which motivated us to endeavour and discover new opportunities. We travelled a lot and crossed borders to observe, study and analyse. We learned how to apply non-stick coatings to our products and manufacture pastry moulds. And we put all those fascinating things from other worlds in our catalogue. So, with the loyalty and fondness of our customers, between 1960 and 1980 we started to market our products abroad, specifically in Germany, Italy and Portugal. We were starting to retrace our first steps in the other direction. Ibili products were travelling to other countries.
1980 - 2000
Enamelled steel products were setting the trend and we threw ourselves into developing the first lines manufactured in Europe. We also ventured into new and complete collections of pastry making items, coffee makers and a wide selection of kitchen and table service products. We automated and improved manufacturing and commercialisation processes and brought new concepts like marketing, computers and new technologies into our lives. And, in that way, we achieved global expansion. IBILI has become a family business that operates on an international scale.
2000 - 2020
... that ended in marriage. And in 1999 we ended up becoming part of the LACOR-IBILI Group through Lacor Menaje. Both companies joined forces to take on new challenges. We currently sell and produce all kinds of home and professional cookware related products that can be found in more than 75 countries. We keep innovating and using in-house design and manufacturing with a wider variety of materials. We want to be sustainable because we're concerned about the environment. But, above all, we want to be honest because we're concerned about people. We've created an online IBILI universe. You can find us on social media and in a lot of small and medium sized shops. Because all of our hard has resulted in 3000 product items and a 32,000 m2 logistics warehouse in Alegria -Dulantzi, Alava that was built by the LACOR-IBILI Group.

You've helped us become one of the leading cookware brands that is highest rated by users. Consequently, whoever is reading about our history, we'd like to say thanks.