Quality Policy.

The Quality Policy of LACOR-IBILI Group, based on the ISO 9001: 2015 Standard, is aimed at guaranteeing the satisfaction of our Clients, in terms of quality, service and product price. We believe that by working in this regard and, meeting the needs and expectations of the relevant stakeholders, always within the framework of business objectives, we can guarantee the present and future development of the Group and achieve its growth and profitability objectives.
To apply this Policy, LACOR-IBILI Group. assumes the following commitments:
    Comply with all customer requirements, both those specified and those not established by the customer but necessary for the specified or intended use, as well as all legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the product.
    Maintain and continuously improve a Quality Management System based on processes, analyzing its performance through indicators.
    Apply the philosophy of continuous improvement in order to minimize defects in our processes.
    Maintain fluid communication with all relevant stakeholders for the System, based on transparency and sincerity, with the aim of promoting satisfaction and mutual benefit.
    Trust each of the individuals who make up the company, each of us being aware of the responsibility of everything we do.