Single-use plastics, like plates, silverware, straws and Q-tips, will be forbidden in the EU after 2021 because of their negative environmental impact. Environmental awareness is growing and we're excited about it because working together we can achieve great things. Changing our habits of consumption is important for caring for the planet, and we want to be a part of it.

Among the steps we're taking at IBILI is to gradually reduce the use of plastic in packaging until none is used. We haven't used PFOA in our frying pans or BPA in our bottles and plastic products for years.

We need to change our habits of consumption to take care of the planet.

A lot of current environmental problems have been caused by the sum of small individual actions.
However, small individual actions can also be part of the solution. The only thing we need to have clear is which side we want to be on.

Set of reusable stainless steel straws and cleaning brush. A good alternative to disposable plastic straws.
Small individual actions can also be part of the solution.

We've created the ECO collection of disposable dishes, silverware and straws using compostable, ecological and recyclable materials with the intention to make NOT using single-use plastics easier. And we're sure all our followers will like it.