From the Sea to the Grill

Tips for Preparing the Perfect Fish


The art of outdoor cooking is a tradition that brings family and friends together, creating unforgettable moments around the fire. Within this culinary ritual, grilled fish takes pride of place, fusing the freshness of the sea with the smoky flavour of the grill.

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The first step towards a successful grilled fish is to choose the right piece. We can say that almost any fish lends itself to being grilled. What we must bear in mind, in general terms, is to control the weight and the intensity of the fire. Fish such as sea bass, sea bream, sea bream, turbot and tuna are ideal for their texture and ability to withstand direct heat.

When buying, look for fresh fish, with clear, bright eyes, moist skin and a pleasant aroma of the sea.

Before approaching the grill, fish should be carefully prepared. Clean it well and, if necessary, remove the bones. If you prefer skin-on fish, a few diagonal cuts in the skin can prevent it from curling during cooking.

A clean, properly heated grill is essential. Make sure the grates are free of residue from previous meals and heat the grill to a medium-high temperature. Just before placing the fish on the grill, wipe the grates with an oiled cloth to create a non-stick surface.

Place the fish on the grill and allow it to cook without moving it for the first few minutes.

This allows a crust to form, making it easier to turn. Total cooking time will vary depending on thickness, but a general rule of thumb is to allow about 8 minutes per centimetre of thickness. To prevent the fish from drying out, you can add a little butter or olive oil during cooking.

Foto : @lobo_de_bar

The key to knowing if it is ready is to observe the opacity of the centre; it should be opaque and flake easily when pressed with a fork. Once the fish has been grilled, it is also common to complete the dish by adding a "ajada" on top, which will give an extra touch of flavour. To make it, brown some garlic in a frying pan with olive oil and when it is done, add a splash of vinegar.

With these tips and a little practice, you will be ready to take on the challenge and surprise everyone with your culinary skills.